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With the blessing of Sam Pilgrim.


100% Stainless Steel construction


Designed and manufactured in N Ireland .




The internal diameter of the socket is 35mm.

If you prefer a 32mm shaft, insert both of the

plastic spacers provided.


Once you have the shaft inserted put in the screws.

The 2 holes per side allow a bolt to be put through.




After your trail building ‘sesh’

store it on the suppplied hook.

- the hole is there so that you can pop

a lock or clip in.





We had to make it from stainless steel -it made sense being

an outdoor tool. After trying 3/4/5/6mm we settled on 4mm.

- a good compromise between strength and weight.



The shaft socket is attached first with a mortice and

tenon joint - this is welded and smoothed.

Additional welds are then added around the

base of the socket.



Curved teeth! - We can feel the benefits

of curved teeth when raking ‘loam’.


We have deliberately kept the face

plate as smooth and solid as possible

- easier to clean & better for patting

down your works of art.

We made our own bespoke hook

so we could have a very small slot

cut into the base.



Lazer etched logo - the reason it isn't cut out is because you'd reduce its ability to drag soil and have trail debris getting stuck.


Wooden handle is not supplied


  • Plate thickness -  4mm Stainless Steel

    Width - 200mm

    Height - 220mm

    Depth - 129mm

    Internal socket diameter - 35mm



  • 1 x Stainless steel Trailblazer

    1 x Stainless steel holder

    3 x Stainless steel screws

    2 x Polypropolene inserts

    1 x Wall plug

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