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Helmetor® has been designed and  manufactured to meet several important criteria:

1. Excellent resistance to 'creep' i.e. its ability to keep returning to its original form.

2. Good UV resistance.

3. Capable of 1,000's of repetitions without failure.

4. A perfect balance between strength and flexibility.


The main body is  injection moulded body with a compression moulded silicone logo insert. 

The tooling has been finished to give a lovely matt finish.

2014Nov2wall bike exploded copy.jpg

To use, simply put the 'foot' of the Helmetor through the vent first, then just lift the helmet up and over the top 'arm'. Both the 'foot' and 'arm' should be in the same vent.

Placing a suitable lock through the 'nose' locks the helmet to the Helmetor adding additional security.



For a moment, just think of how many helmet brands there are and how many different helmet shapes there are within each brand!


So the challenge was to design something that would work with as many different brands and shapes as possible, to find the common denominator! 

Which was the Vent. 

Then the real work started, deciding on a shape, on material etc....... before we settled on what you see here.

The Very Unique Helmetor.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 11.13.33.png