Ali Clarkson Signature Brake Booster.

This is a  collaboration between Ali Clarkson and Helmetor®.


Each piece has been lazer-etched  with...


Ali's signature,

Ali's logo

Helmetor's logo





  • Designed for use with M5 thread dedicated 4-Bolt Magura mounts, but may also fit on Evo adaptors’. 


  • 95 - 102 mm spacing (centre-to-centre of bolt holes).


  • Offers 50 mm vertical clearance from the top bolt hole, so will clear all 19” rear tyres 


  • weight 79 g 


  • designed and manufactured  in the UK


  • Lazer-cut from 2mm Stainless steel


“Thanks for purchasing this Helmetor booster, share pictures of it and enjoy having a stiffer frame and more powerful brake.






Ali Clarkson Signature Brake Booster.

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