This is a  collaboration between Ali Clarkson and Helmetor, limited to 20 Signatured pieces.


Each piece has been lazer-etched  with...


Ali's signature,

Ali's logo

Helmetor's logo


for this first 'run', numbered from 1/20 to 20/20.




  • Designed for use with M5 thread dedicated 4-Bolt Magura mounts, but may also fit on Evo adaptors’. 


  • 95 - 102 mm spacing (centre-to-centre of bolt holes).


  • Offers 50 mm vertical clearance from the top bolt hole, so will clear all 19” rear tyres 


  • weight 79 g 


  • designed and manufactured  in the UK


  • Lazer-cut from 2mm Stainless steel


“Thanks for purchasing this Helmetor booster, you’re part of a very limited number of riders to own one so fit it, cherish it, share pictures of it and enjoy having a stiffer frame and more powerful brake.






Normally we ship products of this size as cheaply as possible for the benefit of you, the customer. However due to the uniquenes of these Limited Edition boosters - and the fact that we  won't be producing more of them - we are shipping them  as Tracked items/the most guaranteed service that the destination country allows. This will be reflected in the shipping price.


But HEY they are special! :)



Ali Clarkson Signature Brake Booster 'Limited Edition'

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