Helmetor® has been designed to hold your helmet securely.

A single vent between 30 - 65mm is all that is required.  

With the supplied screws attach it to an appropriate flat surface. To use, simply put the 'foot' of the Helmetor through the vent first, then just lift the helmet up and over the top 'arm'. Both the 'foot' and 'arm' should be in the same vent.

Helmetor in use.

Only one vent required
Only one vent required

Colour options
Colour options

In the shed
In the shed

Only one vent required
Only one vent required


Helmetor® isn't 

manufactured from

'any old' plastic but 

one that had to meet 

several important



1.Excellent resistance to 

'creep' i.e.its ability 

to keep returning to its

original form

2.Good UV resistance

3.Capable of 10,000's

repetitions without failure

4.A perfect balance

between strength and 


All of the above brought

together in a deliberately Matt 

finished injection moulded body 

and complimented with a 

compression moulded 100%

silicone velvet feel logo insert.